4 FAQ About Injuries in Public Places Compensation Claims

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By JohnBarnes

Mostly, injuries in public places result from slips, trips or falls. When it comes to public places, most people think of parks, playgrounds, and streets. However, it could also be shops, shopping centres, supermarkets or restaurants. Basically, any public place where responsible ones fail to ensure a secure environment. So, if you or your beloved ones happen to get injured in a public place, you can claim compensation. Read on and learn 4 frequently asked questions and valuable legal specialists’ insights.

How Long After an Accident in a Public Place Can I Claim? 

Legal experts say that you can claim compensation for accidents that happened within the last three years. However, it’s best to contact lawyers promptly after injury. Over time, it gets only harder to prove your truth, collect the evidence for a successful claim, and get the compensation that meets expectations.

By the way, when looking for a law firm, it’s wise to look for a team that specialises in the public places-related injuries field. Also, if English isn’t your first language, you can most likely find experts providing services in your preferred language. This way, processes will be smoother and less stressful. For instance, if you’re based in London or cities around, there are at least a few law firms offering services in different languages (юристы в лондоне). 

What Are the Circumstances to Have a Valid Claim? 

As lawyers always stress – it all depends on circumstances. There are many aspects of how the injury happened and who’s responsible for it assessed. Still, there are three essential criteria for a valid claim. Firstly, as mentioned above, the accident should’ve happened within the last three years. Then, there must be someone else to blame for it. Also, you should consider whether an experienced injury is a result of an accident in a public place. If the answer to these questions is yes, you might have a valid claim. Obviously, legal experts should assess other aspects. 

How Are Such Claims Valued? 

Probably, the only efficient way to objectively assess the damage done and whether you have a valid claim is to contact lawyers specialising in personal injuries in public places field. In most cases, the compensation amount is directly proportional to the extent of the injury.

You can claim medical expenses and personal items damage compensation. Distress, financial losses, and expenses directly related to an injury are considered too. Each case is unique as well as the circumstances that determine the exact amount of the compensation.

Who Will the Claim be Against?

Typically, the claim is against an organisation responsible for a place, and Public Liability insurance covers the compensation. Regarding public places, it might be hard to find out who is to blame for the accident as sometimes multiple parties are involved. That’s where experienced legal experts can consult you on the best course of action and who to claim against.

These are just 4 common questions regarding claims of this type. If you have more questions and want accurate information, look for trustworthy lawyers specialising in this field. Competent and experienced lawyers will answer your questions and objectively assess the chances of a valid and successful claim.