All You Can Eat Sushi: and Hibachi

All You Can Eat Sushi is a small business that has been in operation for five days. The restaurant was packed with guests. While friends shared their sushi rolls, new couples sat down and ate with modesty. My friend and me took our chopsticks apart, and we got to work.


When I saw the lengthy list of choices, my eyes lit up. I was proud to have marked each category with food and gave it to the waitress. However, we were soon reminded of the 25 per cent fee if any food was not taken. To make sure we had enough food for our hungry stomachs, our waitress suggested that we trim the order. As the sushi was being served, we were reminded a few times more about the food waste fee. But, we were up for the challenge.


Guests ordering from the regular menu and all-you-can-eat guests cannot share. If both customers choose to eat buffet-style, it is permitted. My friend and I were able, thanks to our shared plates, to divide and conquer.


Six specialty rolls were split, as well as two appetizers, two soups and two salads. We also had four tempura options, two teriyaki plates, and four sashimi choices. Did we have room for dessert? We’ll be seeing.


We skipped the traditional rolls and went straight to the specialty menu. On the way, we snagged red snapper sushi (a favourite). The specialty rolls menu featured a lot of tempura and spicy options.


Izumi offers a lunch menu for $15.95 per person, $8.95 for children 7-10 years old, and $4.95 to children 6-3 years of age. For $25.95 per adult, the dinner All You Can Eat Sushi costs $14. 95 for 7-10 year-olds, $7.95 to children 6-3, and free for children below 3. The cost of our meal was $51.90, including tip and ARE taxes. Consider tipping generously considering the amount of back-and forth that all you can eat sushi options require wait staff to do.

NYC’s Best Sushi

New Yorkers love good deals, from happy hours to bottomless breakfasts. We can’t blame them. Many of the best restaurants in NYC are expensive. There are many ways to enjoy NYC’s best restaurants while still keeping your budget in check. All You Can Eat Sushi  finds some of the best cheap food in the city for a fraction of the price. However, if you are looking for a way to get your daily dose of deliciousness at a reasonable cost, you should consider the all-you-can-eat option. There are many great AYCE deals, but nothing beats NYC’s all-you-can-eat sushi.

New York is home to a wide variety of sushi restaurants. You may not always want to spend the most expensive sushi restaurants, but you will find the best sushi places in New York.

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