Great “Book Of Business” That You Should Read

Every year, hundreds of books on business are published. Although it is impossible to read all of them, the best book of business continue to attract readers and positive reviews well after they have been published.

These seven books of business are great for leaders and entrepreneurs at all stages of their career.

Sometimes, it is surprising for profit-oriented business owners to discover that money leaves their business almost as fast as it arrives. This book offers a guide for small business owners looking to grow their business and take control of their cash.

Gerber instead explains how entrepreneurs and business owners of all types can create a business that operates without their involvement.

He wrote, “If your company depends on you, then you don’t have a business. You do have a job.” It’s also the most dangerous job in the world, because you work for a lunatic!

Deep Work: Rules to Focus Success in a Distracted Environment (2016) by Cal Newport

Knowledge work can be difficult. It is not easy and it can seem endless. Many of these tools and services vie for our attention via instant messaging, notifications, and endless feeds.

This book will help you avoid distractions and focus on long-term goals. It also contains practical advice for creative people, which is a departure from many other book of business.

It contains advice such as, “If it doesn’t produce, then you won’t prosper–no mater how talented or skilled you are.” Getting things done: The Art of Stressless Productivity (2001 by David Allen

This is the most famous productivity book of business in recent years. Allen’s work was also popular in Silicon Valley. Getting Things Done explains how to create a system that captures ideas and works on the right things at the right times. Allen says, “Your mind should be for having ideas, and not holding them.”

Allen recommends that entrepreneurs and executives who are overloaded review their priorities and work schedules once per week. This is known as a weekly overview and will help you to focus on the important things during the week ahead.

Jim Collins, Great by Choice: Uncertainty and Chaos, and Luck–Why Some Thrive Despite It All (2011)

Sincere to be truthful, any Jim Collins title belongs on a list such as this. He excels in profiling large companies as well as the decision-makers.

Collins’s 2001 book From Good to Great has been republished. Some companies that Collins profiled have since vanished, making the title even more relevant. Collins books are essential reading for anyone who is serious about managing a larger company.

You can expect gems such as, “When operating excellence is combined with innovation, it multiplies the value of your creativity.

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