How Co-Parents Can Make Online & Distanced Learning Beneficial for Children

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By JohnBarnes

Parents all over Washington are scrambling to get their kids ready to return to school this fall. With the pandemic still looming over our lives, many co-parents are finding the transition to online and distanced learning a major challenge. Although this might all seem new and confusing to you, teachers and educators have been using their limited free time to prepare for some of the challenges their students might encounter. Keep reading to learn how you and your co-parent can support your children in their academic pursuits during the pandemic.

Create A Separate Space For Leaning
One way to help children simulate the classroom environment is to set aside space that is designated for learning. Whether it’s a small spot on the kitchen counter where they can put their pencil box and folders or a corner of the living room with a cardboard background/divider they can decorate, allowing children to customize their separate learning space can help them get in the mindset to learn. Both parents should dedicate spaces in their respective homes that accommodate online and distanced learning.

Structure & Routine Are Crucial
The best teachers know that structure is the key to successfully executing a curriculum. Both parents need to structure school days so that the children know what to expect. A simple visual schedule or even setting alarms on everyone’s cell phones to remind them of which tasks they should keep track of can go a long way in helping kids keep track of their homework and important due dates for major projects and tests.

Eliminate Distractions
Keeping children focused on what they are supposed to be learning or working on is probably the biggest challenge for parents, which is why it’s necessary to regulate devices that don’t contribute to the learning environment. From turning off the TV during the school day to collecting everyone’s phone during live lessons, it’s important to identify the various distractions in both parents’ homes that prevent your children from paying attention to their teachers.

Experienced Family Law Attorneys In Washington
At McKinley Irvin, we understand that the challenges co-parents face with online and distanced learning can create tension and lead to various disputes about parenting and custody. If you find that you and your co-parent can’t agree on a way to manage this transition that benefits your children, please get in touch with our legal team to discuss your legal options.