Jail Time For Child Molestation Charges In Nebraska

If convicted of child molestation at Nebraska, You confront a possibly lengthy prison sentence. Moreover, you might be asked to enroll from the national sex offender database.

No additional offenses carry this kind of damaging social Stigma as sex offenses against kids. When convicted, the harm has far-reaching implications for your standing. Contact the seasoned legal staff in Petersen Law now to examine your choices if facing child molestation charges.

What’s Child Molestation?

Federal and state laws define child sexual Attack. Federal law establishes minimal criteria nonetheless, each state generates its own definitions of child sexual attack.

Back in Nebraska, sex offenses include molestation charges. Child molestation charges involve a child below the age of 12 plus a perpetrator 19 decades old or older, or a child 12 to 15 years old using a perpetrator 25 decades old or older.

Potential Defenses To Child Molestation

Work with an experienced criminal attorney to Reduce possible jail time for molestation charges. But, defenses to child molestation allegations are hard to establish. Because of the sensitive nature of child molestation charges, it’s vital to cancel any allegations and supply clear evidence invalidating the fees. Defenses to child molestation charges comprise the following:

Casting doubt on the prosecutor’s situation;

Proving casual contact with the kid; or

Proving the accusation is completely false.

Added defenses may prove that any injury Resulted in the act unrelated to child abuse.

Attorney Tom Petersen of Petersen Law functions Tirelessly to examine the proof against you personally and decrease the intensity of fees you face.

Registration for a Sex Offender

Besides jail time for molestation charges, Among the additional possible consequences of a child molestation conviction is that the need to register as a sexual offender. People charged with sex offenses fret about positioning on the sex offender registry. The National Sex Offender Registry is a national database of individuals accused of sex offenses. The database goes to criminals from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, United States Territories, and Indian nation.

Though a prison sentence or probation eventually Endings, demands to register as a sex offender can persist for a lifetime. Failure to follow rigorous registration guidelines could lead to severe consequences, including the prospect of a new contingency fee.

How We Can Help

If facing child molestation charges, do not wait To start protecting your rights. The possible effects in a child molestation case are contingent on the charges against you personally, your previous criminal history, and other elements. Tom Petersen of Petersen Law works diligently on behalf of clients. Without conclusion, Tom thoroughly investigates all of the details to ascertain the best route ahead.

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