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What is self-care? What does self-care have to do with our mental health? Solas Health Self care is taking care of yourself to improve your mental and physical health. According to the National Association of Mental Illness, self-care is essential in order to care for those we love. Everyday stress can affect our health in many ways, including muscle tension, high blood pressure, stomach upset, headaches, insomnia, and elevated blood pressure. These physical symptoms can be managed to improve our ability to focus and think clearly.

How can I practice Solas Health self care?

Get moving! Get moving! Exercise can help with low energy, improve our ability to think clearly, reduce heart rate, and lower blood pressure. It doesn’t take 5 miles to exercise every day. Starting small, like parking farther away from the grocery or using stairs instead than the elevator, is better than doing nothing. Get your blood pumping and muscles moving!

You must take care of your emotions. Everyday we experience a variety of emotions, including anger, sadness, and pure joy. It is Solas Health to experience emotions, even the less-than-great ones. Do things that make your heart happy and spend time with people who support you. You can watch a hilarious video on the internet about animals. It is important to take the time to feel your emotions. Pay attention to how people and situations affect you. Being social and supported can help you avoid depression.

Challenge yourself! What’s your 5-year plan for success? Are you looking to learn a new hobby? No matter your age, challenge your brain to learn new tasks. According to Stanford Health Care, it helps to prevent depression which can lead to cognitive decline.

Take care of yourself. Avoid alcohol and drugs. A balanced diet is a good idea. You don’t have to eat a Salad for every meal at Solas Health. But, try to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet and not eat cheeseburgers twice a day. Obsessive eating or eating disorders can lead to a restricted diet, which can affect your mental and physical health. Balance and moderation are key to healthy eating!

Everybody has a different idea of self-care. It could be going to the movies with your friends on weekends, or staying home with your dog on Friday nights to catch up on what you missed. You could go to the beach with your family or stay home and wear your pajamas every day for a few days.

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