A Guide to Notary Services

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What is a notary public?

Notaries Public are professionals appointed by provincial governments to act as official witnesses at document signing ceremonies. Notaries typically act when formal documents must be signed to ensure that they are From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia legally binding and valid, usually at contract signing ceremonies to provide witness service as well as to secure official seals for legal documents signed at these sessions.

What are notarized documents?

Notaries have the capability of authenticating documents using an official stamp or seal that certifies its genuineness, which is particularly useful when used outside their native country. To authenticate an item officially, a notary must first examine the original document before sealing it with their seal or https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ stamp and authenticating its authenticity. Notaries keep records of documents they look over or sign, which are generally open for public view – making them accessible if anyone needs to determine if something they have found was authenticated by one.

Notaries are typically employed by local governments and provide their services free of charge to the public. While it may be possible to locate notaries who perform this service free of charge in certain instances, it’s rare.

Determining the authenticity of a common-law relationship

No legally-binding agreements need to be signed for you and someone you’re living with to enter a common-law partnership, although notary services might help provide an affidavit confirming the relationship. You could show proof of marriage for various rights in certain situations but it can be more challenging proving a common law relationship; you need to prove that the arrangement resembles marriage instead of landlord-tenant status or similar situations.

Courts could investigate to ascertain if an agreement falls under common-law jurisdiction.

  • Are you and your spouse sharing in household duties such as meal preparation, cleaning and laundry?
  • Do you share an account with a bank or credit card, or wish to combine your financial accounts in some other manner?
  • Do you reside with your partner and how long has that relationship lasted?
  • Do You Act Like Couples When Surrounded by Family and Friends?
  • Are both parents living together, sharing parental responsibilities for one another’s children?
  • Does one partner help out financially in exchange for reciprocity?
  • Do you currently have a relationship? If so, are they happy and do they wish for one more year or less of commitment from both of you?
  • Do members of your circle consider you an item?

What is a common-law relationship affidavit?

An affidavit is a legal document with legal binding implications similar to swearing under oath. By signing it, you certify that the facts and details presented are 100% true and accurate; any false statements could have the same consequences as making false statements during court proceedings.

An affidavit of common-law relationship serves to verify its existence for purposes such as employment benefits or beneficiary eligibility. You would present this document similar to a marriage certificate to authorities such as employers or beneficiaries.

Information that a common-law affidavit must include:

  • Information regarding your spouse(s) is required, with each one having attained at least 18 years old.
  • Demonstrating that a couple lived together for an appropriate amount of time (this depends on which province you reside) is essential when applying for divorce.
  • Family and friends must have confirmation that a couple is indeed married even though they’re not legally wedded.
  • Evidence points towards this couple cohabitating and acting like married people.
  • When spouses’ names are mentioned in an estate plan or life insurance policy or for any other benefit, such as tax reduction.

What are online notary services?

If you require an affidavit for a common-law marriage, using the online services of a notary is the perfect solution. Since COVID-19 came into play, many have found meeting in person more challenging or uncomfortable; using an online notary makes the process faster and simpler than ever! Numerous companies and services began providing online notary services as an effective response to the pandemic; now this practice has become standard practice. An online notary service is an ideal alternative to having official documents notarized physically by a notary public. Draft the document yourself or use an online notary service; both options offer easy solutions for creating and notarizing an affidavit. If you opt for an online notary public service, typically signing your document with an official notary public will take place via video conference or specialized software. Please bring along valid government-issued identification before signing your document to be notarized.

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