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By JohnBarnes

Many people don’t have the ability to be savvy travelers. This skill is only possible with real-world Good Times Travel experience.

You make many Good Times Travel mistakes in the beginning.

Good Times Travel savviness can be attributed to missed buses, stupid behavior, cultural ignorance, and many other small errors. You will eventually be able to effortlessly move through airports, and you will feel like a fish in water when you are able to integrate into other cultures.

To speed up the process and avoid making mistakes (and I make many of them), I have compiled this list of my top Good Times Travel tips to help you achieve your travel ninja potential. These tips will help you save money, sleep better, get off the beaten track more, meet locals and be a better traveler.

Here are the top Tips for the world

1. Always bring a towel

It is the key to successful galactic hitchhiking, and just common sense. It’s always handy, no matter where you are, and it can be used for anything: a picnic, at the beach, or to dry off. Although many hostels provide towels, it is not necessary to bring your own. A small towel will not add much weight to your bag.

  1. Purchase a small bag/suitcase Good Times Travel

You will have to keep your stuff light by buying a small backpack, I like around 35/40 Liters. You will find that humans have a natural desire to take up space. If you have too much room in your bag you might regret it later.

  1. Be light

It is okay to wear the same tee shirt for a few days. You won’t use as many clothes as you think. Make a list of your essentials and cut it in half. Then, only bring that. You won’t be able to store much extra stuff if you have a small backpack, as I mentioned.

  1. Take extra socks

Due to wear and tear, laundry gremlins and hiking, you’ll likely lose quite a bit. So it is worth packing more. I take only what I need. A new pair of socks is better than nothing!

  1. You can also take an additional credit or bank card along

Disasters happen. In the event that you are robbed or lose your card, it is always a good idea to have a backup. It’s not a good idea to be stranded somewhere new with no access to your funds. Once, I had my card duplicated and put under a freeze. It was not available for use during my entire trip. I was happy to have an extra, and not my friend who couldn’t afford it and had to borrow money all the time.

Banks shouldn’t be given your hard-earned cash. You can keep it for yourself and use it to travel. A debit and credit card that doesn’t have a foreign transaction fee, or ATM fees should be considered. The few dollars that they spend every time on a long trip will add up quickly!