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Your Day Started Right

You can’t go out for a day without a cup of coffee or tea. You might not find what you are looking for in your accommodation. So you can get your day started right, our readers have recommended the best electric travel kettle.

Which tea travel kettle is your favourite? This may sound absurd to some people, but it is true for me. My husband enjoys a cup of coffee while on vacation. The majority of hotel rooms don’t have a coffeemaker so I always make my own tea.

You need your morning coffee just as much when on vacation as you do at home. Traveling can mean that you may not always have access to essential kitchen appliances, such as electric Travel kettle and coffee makers.

What are you to do? You can keep a portable kettle or an immersion water boiler in your luggage and use it in your accommodation.

Our readers share their tips for making a cup of coffee or tea abroad and their top picks for the best travel kettle to take anywhere.

The Best Travel Kettle

Collapsible and stainless steel models are available for travel tea kettles. They can hold up to two cups and are easy to pack.

Collapsible Electric Travel kettle

This collapsible portable Travel kettle from LOUTYTUO is made of silicone and completely free of PBA. It’s easy to use and the water will heat up in just three to five seconds. This kettle’s best feature is the ability to remove the power cord and handle. It also comes with a carry case. It can also be used abroad or at home thanks to its dual voltage. This handy accessory has a 555ml capacity.

One traveler praises the health benefits associated with bringing one. “I bought this to make healthier choices in my room than what was available in my hotel. This was a great product that I used on a recent trip. It is easy to pack, opens easily, and can be set up in minutes. According to the instructions, water was boiled. It was easy to clean up and there was no silicone taste in the water. This is now a must-have travel item for me. It’s well worth the money.

IronRen 0.5L Portable Electric Kettle

IronRen’s travel electric tea kettle is ideal for travelling. It can be used to boil water for tea, coffee, or for boiling milk. After the water boils, this mini electric kettle will automatically turn off One reader said, “I travel everywhere with my stainless steel travel kettle” and my own tea bags.

PLAZALA Portable Electric Tee Travel Kettle

Although it looks like a thermos this is actually the smallest electric kettle you will ever see! The Plazala is small enough to fit in a suitcase, and the 350 ml capacity makes it ideal for solo travelers.

It is durable and waterproof. The non-slip bottom prevents it from sliding on surfaces. It is also double-insulated to keep it from getting too hot. It’s easy to use with a single button switch and auto-shutoff.

One travel veteran says, “I am a flight attendant and need hot water (teas, coffees, etc.). It’s my night and sometimes between flights. It easily fits into my suitcase or lunch bag. It is about the same size as a coffee grinder, or thermos bottles. It heats the water quickly, has an auto shutoff, and can even be delayed before it can be used again to ensure it doesn’t overheat.