Japanese vs “Korean Beauty Standards”

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By JohnBarnes

As a follow up for my favourite post where I speak About Korean Beauty Standards Japanese beauty criteria, I presumed to follow up by enlisting a number of the crucial differences and all of the similarities between Western and (South) Korean beauty criteria.

Korean beauty criteria Are Extremely similar to Japanese beauty criteria. However, they also differ in some regions. Korean beauty standards criteria exactly like Japanese beauty criteria have deep roots with the Ancient Chinese daddy’s beauty criteria. Fortunately, the creepy method of producing the feet smaller was a convention which was never exported out of China’s borders.

Briefly regarding the ideology between Japanese and Koreans: Koreans, on account of their history, have quite a little Mongolian racial heritage. And this causes a lot of people having bigger, circular minds, and also a thinner and smaller than normal pair of eyes. That is the reason why plastic surgery has become so widespread in South Korea, alongside embracing the Japanese criteria. Korean civilization, thanks to long and historic job spans from Japan, shares plenty of habits, and traditions together with Japan. As a race, Japanese is a race on its right. Japan is also very pleased to be racially the most bizarre country on Earth (98% Japanese). Japan rigorously controls and thoughtfully yet radically restricts the amount of foreigners who wish to stay in Japan. Let us see the key similarities and differences Between Korean and Japanese beauty criteria

These Korean beauty standards criteria are pretty much Exactly like Japanese beauty criteria. However, the cost some women pay to achieve this is very high, both financially and emotionally

Similarities Korean Beauty Standards

Little face: there’s this bizarre belief that Initially derives from the stylized Manga depiction of Hafu or Western personalities, which Westerners generally have a bigger face. This generally implies that the nose, eyes, mouth are nearer to each other. The closer they are, the greater the attributes are considered both in Japan and in Korea. In Korea, the desperation for something smaller is marginally larger than in Japan. Lots of plastic surgeries (noninvasive and invasive injection techniques ) are going to bring attributes closer to each other.

V-Shaped confront: yet another feature that is known as a Typical western look and yet another one which derives from Anime and Manga. The V line is among the most asked plastic surgery in South korean beauty standards practises. V line could be redeemed to get a bigger chin. Many Asians, especially Koreans who have a significant lot of Mongolian and Chinese tradition have a generally more curved, wider confrontation.

White Skin: a very old attractiveness convention coming Directly from China. The thinner your skin, the nobler your appearance is. The skin lightening craze is normal throughout Asia. You will find a lot of skin lightening products along with a common obsession for utilising all kinds of sunglasses against sunlight for the two states. The notion of porcelain skin is straightforward. People whose skin is darker workout beneath the sun such as the peasants. Noble women should, hence, must get a skin that is as white as you can. Only consider the Geishas who perfectly mirror the general Japanese beauty criteria back from the day.Large eyes: a different indication of this Hafu/Manga obsession contains eyes which are bigger than life. Asian fashion eyes are generally more compact than Westerners’ eyes. Koreans that have a Mongolian democratic heritage frequently have a much smaller group of eyes. That is the reason why, near the conventional eye operation, a high number of Korean girls attempt to experience other, frequently insecure eye-enlarging surgeries.Cuteness in look: coming directly from Japan, Korean attractiveness also puts much emphasis on cuteness in general. However, Koreans don’t push the concept as far as Japanese do. There’s just one Harajuku Lolita design and that is directly from Japan.

Clear, smooth, pristine skin: this can be an Significant beauty standard for the two states. Your skin ought to be clean and impeccable. They’re particularly desperate to eliminate all greasiness and stains whenever possible.


Sexiness: Korean girls put more emphasis on Looking hot while the Japanese focus on the purer notion of cuteness in an almost childish manner.

Heavier use of cosmetics: Korean girls use much More visible, vibrant makeup compared to the Japanese do. While Japanese ladies use just a tiny amount of cosmetics that are predicated on skin tones, Korean girls aren’t reluctant to utilise a thick red or magenta lipstick. This is 1 feature which can help you clearly distinguish between Korean and Japanese ladies.

More emphasis on perfect body features: Contrary to Japanese, Korean women put more focus on looking curvy and sexy. While thinness is really important, most Korean women strive for bigger breasts plus a wider hip lineup. This comes out of Western beauty standards. Korean beauty standards criteria for body type include Enormous breasts, wider shoulders, slender thighs, and lanky arms.

Overall fitter appears while still being lanky at the Same time This is much more of a korean beauty standards  notion, although the Japanese instead Concentrate on looking aromatic and thin in a female manner. This Is why Korean girls have a broader number of body-related corrective surgeries Such as laser, liposuction surgery, hip expanding, fat bending, breastfeeding Enhancement processes of all kinds.